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Laurelle & The Lova's is more than just a band. They are an experience like no other. Combining the many elements of R&B, the group takes you on an interactive journey from start to finish. Despite their short formation in May of 2018, the band has rocked many stages throughout the NYC area, including the famous, Bitter End. The group is full of high energy that will be sure to leave you satisfied, inspired, but most importantly, wanting more.

Meet The Lova's

Raymond Summers

Hey! My name is Ray. Born and raised in NYC. I've been playing keys for 7 years! @raybuttah_doc

Nick Braham

Nick is not only a phenomenal bass player, but a true pizza enthusiast. @beardedbass

Jordan Singh VanderBeek


Jordan is a musician, educator, & songwriter based in Brooklyn. He's been playing guitar for 10 years. He's about to release his first single! @jsinghvanderbeek

Isaiah Mook Matthews

My name is Isaiah "Mook" Matthews, but you can just call me Mook! I am a professional drummer/music producer. I was born in raised in Brooklyn, NY. I have been playing drums since I was 2. I know how to play almost every genre of music. Music will always be my life. @musicboy_mook

Meet Laurelle


The Experience

As a singer/songwriter, this young woman has taken great strides in making a name for herself. Laurelle has recently completed her first debut EP, “The Journey”, on June, 1st 2018. Laurelle has a courageous heart and mind. She states, “If your dreams don’t scare you, then they're just not big enough.”- Ellen Johnson Sirleaf


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